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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Egyptians Demand Amendments to Camp David Agreement « Kawther Salam

Egyptians Demand Amendments to Camp David Agreement « Kawther Salam

Egyptians Demand Amendments to Camp David Agreement

During a friendly evening meeting on Dec. 4 2012 in a hotel in Vienna with Dr. Iman Mahran, a faculty member at the Arts Academy in Cairo, an artist and activist in the field of human rights, she said: “The most dangerous issue with replacing the cultural inheritance is the judaiziation of Jerusalem in occupied Palestine, in reference to the overall political decisions concerning Jerusalem and Palestine, which have constantly faced US vetoes since decades”.
She added: “The quick judaization of Jerusalem on part of israel happens under the silence of the international community, the current situation and the disunity of the Arab peoples, who do not care about Jerusalem and can not do much on the ground”.
Dr. Mahran said that she received her Doctorate and Masters degrees in the development of traditional crafts and that through her work she intends to highlight the cultural concepts which affect the replacement and substitution of cultural heritage in the Egyptian heritage. Mahran said: “Through my work I found myself face to face with the most serious issue in the substitution and replacement of the cultural heritage in the Palestinian occupied city of Jerusalem”.
Mahran said that her father was an officer in the Egyptian army. He raised her in loyalty and love to Arab nationalism. She said: “as an Egyptian citizen like many other millions of Egyptians, we have nothing to do with what is going on between the politicians in our country and the outside, with a foreign community. The political agreements which they signed with Israel do not concern us and are against our national interest”. She continues: “As an Egyptian citizen I see the Camp David agreement signed with israel in 1978 as an injustice and offensive against me, against my rights. In this I am not alone because this agreement is seen as offensive by all Egyptians and Arabs. The Camp David agreement must be changed so that it serves the interests of Egyptians citizens and Arabs at large”.
She added: “We want peace, but not the kind of peace which passes over the bodies of the Egyptian Arab citizens, our dignity and on our nationalism”. She continued: “What is going now in Jerusalem and Palestine is outside of any framework related to peace agreements and equally outside of any Arab perception of dignity and humanity”. Dr. Mahran stated that any convention or agreement with Israel that took place during the regime of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was an agreement signed ONLY between politicians but against the will of the Egyptian people. She said that until this day the Egyptian people do not recognize the Camp David agreement and will not recognize them because of the unjust conditions which they impose upon all Arabs.

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