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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Leila Hussein: Leila Hussein: Traditional Catholic Prayers: Parousia of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - Isaiah 26:20, 21

Leila Hussein: Leila Hussein: Traditional Catholic Prayers: Parousia of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - Isaiah 26:20, 21

Leila Hussein: Traditional Catholic Prayers: Parousia of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - Isaiah 26:20, 21

Tech_Journal: Meteors Against Nukes

Leila Hussein: Traditional Catholic Prayers: Parousia of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - Isaiah 26:20, 21

The Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Isaiah 26:20, 21 is not about the "rapture" - there is no such thing. It is about keeping oneself unspotted from the world.

Is. 26:
20 Go, my people, enter into thy chambers, shut thy doors upon thee, hide thyself a little for a moment, until the indignation pass away.

21 For behold the Lord will come out of his place, to visit the iniquity of the inhabitant of the earth against him: and the earth shall disclose her blood, and shall cover her slain no more.

James 1:27 Religion clean and undefiled before God and the Father, is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their tribulation: and to keep one's self unspotted from this world.

One of the vilest lies ever concocted is the secret rapture. It is nothing more than Satanism in the form of Talmudic Lurianic Sorcerous Cabalism which is totally opposed to God and His Christ.

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ never taught any rapture. What He did teach is the Second Coming visibly from heaven of Himself and His resurrection of all men by His Command and His Judgement of all men to either the heavenly kingdom or hell (but not both nor any purgatory) for all eternity by His sovereign power.

Three of the worst heresies are tied to this heresy of the secret rapture.

1) Once saved always saved. - Actually just a form of ancient pagan hermeticism claiming that God and the Devil are two sides of the same coin and that therefore the elect are chosen by this two faced double sided god (actually just Satan and no other - Satan is NOT God) without any response required on their part and simply carried off to hell (willfully culpably they are to blame and are condemned fooling themselves thinking they are going to heaven) forever.

2) Repeated willful abortion is forgivable - again and again and again ... ad nauseam et diabolicos. Abortion is the most terrible murder and is damned. To repent and ask God's forgiveness in Christ must include absolutely turning from this and never committing it again. Never commit it in the first place since it is the most heinous offensive sin against your neighbor. Both men and women are guilty - no exceptions.

3) God wants us to be warmongers for IsraHell. This is the Antichrist and the Nation of the Antichrist and the wars of Antichrist - to have anything to do with this is to be damned to hell forever.

Palestinians - get out of the pit of destruction before that destruction comes upon you. Go elsewhere. See Matthew 24:14,15,16.

[14] And this gospel of the kingdom, shall be preached in the whole world, for a testimony to all nations, and then shall the consummation come. [15] When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand.

[16] Then they that are in Judea, let them flee to the mountains: - The meaning is go, get out completely and far away.

For the truth, go to this link: Parousia of Jesus Christ Our Lord

Proof positive that there is no difference between Talmudic Jews and Nazis.

First proof is not dietary but similar treatment of Gentiles. Hitler murdered millions of Christian Slavs in Europe and so did the Talmudic Jews in Communist Russia.

So if supposedly you are what you eat, then both are tyrannical pigs - see Orwell's animal farm.

See second article below.
"Hitler also ate ham. So if you encounter anyone bragging about loving bacon, that was also one of Hitler's favorites. Adolf Hitler loved and ate bacon. He also ate poultry. Hitler ate squib which is a type of bird, like a chicken or pigeon. So if you have a person who loves chicken wings, poultry, loves hunting pheasants, grouse, etc, you can let them know that Hitler also loved it. Hitler admits eating sausages, killing turtle meat and eating it, and pork from boars and swine pigs. Hitler was a meat-eater."

Very interesting

Jewish Elders Lift 6,000-Year Ham Ban

NEWS • World • Religion • ISSUE 34•09 • Sep 30, 1998

JERUSALEM—Ending a strict, six-millennia prohibition of the consumption of cloven-hoofed beasts, the World Rabbinical Council announced Tuesday that Jews worldwide may "dig in to the delicious taste of ham."
Members of the World Rabbinical Council, moments after voting to end 6,000 years of ham prohibition.
"The Jewish people have always had the utmost reverence for the laws of God, as handed down from Abraham to his son Isaac, to his son Jacob. However, from time to time, it is necessary to make slight revisions and modernizations to these laws," said council president Rabbi Menachem Saperstein, sucking on a hambone, his white beard soaked with succulent ham drippings. "As no less a Talmudic scholar than Moses Maimonides once wrote, 'Change is the way of the Lord.'"
Added Saperstein, "Mmm... this is some tasty ham."
According to Rabbi David Feinberg, head of the American Congress of Orthodox Rabbis, the newly approved ham will be incorporated into a number of Jewish customs.
"During the Passover seder, which commemorates our people's deliverance from slavery in Egypt, we will remember the day God brought us unto the Land of Milk and Honey by drinking a tall glass of milk with a thick slice of honey-glazed ham," Feinberg said. "And joining the charoses and maror on the seder plate will be a ham roll, symbolizing the juicy, mouth-watering taste of freedom."
Feinberg also noted that an abbreviated version of Passover, to be called Hamover, will be observed on the third Saturday of every month. The new holiday, he said, will involve "the eating of tons of ham."
Saperstein will officially announce all the changes to the dietary code next Friday during a World Rabbinical Council cookout at the Wailing Wall. Though some of the details have yet to be worked out, most notably those involving the kosher status of redeye gravy and the Talmudic interpretation of "all the trimmings," Saperstein said he would stress the important role ham has played in his people's ancient roots.
"As it is written in Genesis, Noah had a much-beloved son named Ham, who was the father of all Canaan," Saperstein said. "From this day forth, we shall honor Noah's greatest son by partaking of the flesh which shares his name."
Rabbis break their Yom Kippur fast with delicious Manischewitz-brand bacon.
Saperstein also noted that the complex genealogies of the Pentateuch lend credence to the theory that Abraham bore a son named Bakon, and that one of David's in-laws was known as Zebulon Bar-Sausage.
Shortly following the announcement, Orthodox Jews across the country stormed grocery stores, feverishly buying up all the ham they could carry.
"Canned ham, smoked ham, sliced ham, potted ham, ham loaf—they were all flying out of here," said Chris Dinardo, manager of a butcher shop in Borough Park, a Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn. "Just last week, those same customers would stare longlingly at those hams for hours before slumping off with a roast turkey."
"Last night, five or six of those fellas with the long beards and black hats came in here and ran up a $564 bill," said Jack Burkett, owner of Smoky Jack's BBQ in Rocky Mount, NC. "Every time we'd bring them a plate, they'd just choke out the words, 'More pig,' between bites."
Though the departure from traditional kosher law may seem like a radical change, Jewish elders point out precedents such as 1977's experimental Yom Lobster holiday, and stress that Judaism is not above modification.
"The original codes were set down thousands of years ago by a nomadic people with no knowledge of refrigeration, preservatives or disease control," said Rabbi Eliyahu Baruch of Yeshiva University. "While we retain many of these traditions to honor our ancestors and our God, we recognize that they are unnecessary from a practical standpoint. Have you ever smelled bacon frying? Oy, vey, how my mouth waters."
"For six millennia, the story of the Jewish people has been the story of survival," Baruch said. "But even the most indestructible race would lose their will to live after 6,000 years of brisket."


Hitler ate meat. This is now proven.
There are photos of Hitler himself dining on pieces of meat.
Thus, already at this point, the erroneous statement that "Hitler was a vegetarian" is known false.
But there's more...
Hitler was also not a Vegan. Hitler arose and did his deeds in Germany in and around 1939. In fact, at this time the word "vegan" hadn't even been invented yet! It was invented by "the allies" in 1944! So any person found attempting to assert Hitler was a vegan is now revealed as false because at the time Hitler rose to power, it didn't even exist. It's akin to claiming Hitler was on the Atkins diet, when Atkins hadn't even invented it yet.
Hitler the meat-eater and Nazi ended up dead in a bunker in early 1945. Donald Watson, the inventor of the word veganism, was on the side of the United States of America, was a Brit, a member of THE ALLIES, who were against germany, and even in 1945 absolutely no one was sharing potential information during a World War, especially anything about vegan diets which would be an advantage in knowledge and strength and power for the England, the United States, and the allied forces to be stronger, faster, more athletic and have more endurance with less sickness using a healthier plant-based diet. The word vegan wasn't even officially Defined until 1951. Hitler was already dead. So anyone writing that Hitler was Vegan or praised veganism is summarily debunked.
Again, there are photographs of Hitler eating meat. And photos of Hitler dining at the dinner table, with meat on his plate. There is first-hand testimony by Hitler's own wife who fixed his meals that Hitler liked to eat bavarian sausage. She states Hitler ate Liver too. So if you know a person that likes Sausage, Adolf Hitler also liked to eat sausage. And if you know a person who recommends liver, Hitler loved liver.
Hitler also ate ham. So if you encounter anyone bragging about loving bacon, that was also one of Hitler's favorites. Adolf Hitler loved and ate bacon. He also ate poultry. Hitler ate squib which is a type of bird, like a chicken or pigeon. So if you have a person who loves chicken wings, poultry, loves hunting pheasants, grouse, etc, you can let them know that Hitler also loved it. Hitler admits eating sausages, killing turtle meat and eating it, and pork from boars and swine pigs. Hitler was a meat-eater.
Hitler's memoirs show Hitler admitted he eats Meat: "After midnight [Eva] would order that there should be another light snack for us, of Turtle soup, sandwiches, and Sausages."
And there you have it. Not only do photographs now confirm Hitler enjoyed eating meat, but he admitted it, in writing.
Hitler's household staff also confirm Hitler ate pieces of meat. And his own wife's diary tells that she cooked meat for him and he ate it. Including bowls full of meat for the Fuhrer.
Even entire books now disprove the false myth that Hitler was vegetarian, including: "HITLER, NEITHER VEGETARIAN NOR ANIMAL LOVER" by Rynn Berry.
Publisher's Weekly now confirms: This "lays to rest the myth that Hitler was a vegetarian. The Fuhrer gorged himself on bavarian sausages, ham, liver , and pigeon"-Hitler was Neither a Vegetarian, nor an animal lover."-ISBN
Simply put "Rynn Berry Hitler No Vegetarian" into google, and see what comes up. You'll see a whole book on it, with research debunking this conspiracy kook Hitler myth. Hitler was not a vegetarian, Hitler ate pig meat, grass-fed boars (paleo), roasted game (as in the paleolithic diet), bacon, dumplings, meat soup, and he killed animals.
ARCHIVES: Hitler: Neither Vegetarian, nor Animal Lover / Rynn Berry / ISBN Book # 0962616966
As we already know, Hitler ate loads of meat. Well, it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, eating meat leads to poor health, sickness, cancer, and disease. Hitler ate meat - Hitler got sick! Hitler ate meat and got horrible stomach illnesses. Hitler made himself sick by eating meat and had stomach problems from his meat-based diet, so they called in the Doctors to find out why he was getting sick.
Keep in mind, this is at a time when there was a world war going on. Hitler ruled with an iron-hand, and people were scared of him because he would send either them, or their families to a death camp. Therefore, Hitler's staff called in the doctors to force them to diagnose and force them to advise and treat Hitler. Obviously nobody's going to get some bad doctor to treat "The Fuhrer", so the Nazi minions and staff would want only the top Doctors to be treating the #1. These doctors were not soldiers. They were not Nazis. Just like how Albert Einstein happened to come from Germany, and he was a great scientist, and Einstein and more happened to side with the Allies, not Hitler, there were also other scientists and medical researchers that simply knew science well, they did not subscribe to Hitler's politics or war. In fact, many were against it, and that is the very fact why such people as Werner Von Braun, Einstein, and others went forward to help the US. And were against Hitler.
But during the oppression, if you spoke, you could end up killed. And if you were asked to do something, if you refused, it was not only You that would suffer a firing squad, but if you didn't do what the Nazis asked, Hitler would have your family, sons, daughters, and wife and your whole family rounded up and executed or sent to the ovens. So many researchers and scientists were forced to do what they may not have wanted to do, against their will, on penalty of death, or death of the ones they loved.
Also, if you were told to create some rocket part, and you purposely sabotaged it, or that part didn't work, guess who paid the penalty. Therefore, there was a great deal of pressure (death!) to get it right.
This is how the vegetarian Hitler myth was erroneously born. It wasn't Hitler who cheered it. Hitler didn't dream up going vegetarian. Hitler didn't even follow through with it himself. In fact, it was his medical doctors! Hitler ate meat. Hitler got sick. And it was his doctors who were the ones who told him eating meat was causing the damage to his stomach and health.
The medical staff and top doctors on the land were brought in by the Nazis, and forced to give advice as to how to cure Hitler's stomach. They had 2 choices: They could lie and tell him a plant based diet was bad and meat was the best, but that wouldn't instantly kill him in 3 seconds, on a meat-diet you waste away and suffer with slowly degrading health damage and cancer for years or decades, so it would kill him, but only eventually after years of slow growing colorectal tumors, diverticulitis, and rectal colon polyps, the problem is, Hitler's team would find out sooner than that, that you lied, and immediately kill you, and do horrible things to your grandmother, daughter, wife, and whole family. So it just wouldn't work to tell him that meat was good, don't eat vegetarian, and then have him live on in a bad mood for years, but in the meantime finding out that what you recommended did not work and he was still sick, so he now kills your family.
So the other choice, is to tell the truth, and give the advice that they knew would fix his stomach pain and illness, a vegetarian diet they knew worked. And by telling the actual advice, and then having the stomach pains, and illnesses go away on a plant-based diet, perhaps they could get in some favorable position to save their families and not get hurt. And maybe live to save others among the people as well. -- The doctors, who were the top doctors in all the land, told Hitler the cause of his health problems was meat, and it worked. The doctors told Hitler to stop eating the meat, it wasn't Hitler's idea. It was the doctors, pressured by the threat of family harm, that told the accurate medical truth, and indeed it did work. For a while....
It was the top doctors and highest medical scientists at the time, in Germany, who were forced to give advice, and they are the ones who said to go vegetarian, it wasn't Hitler's idea. And lo & behold, it worked. Hitler's stomach problems went away, and when he stopped eating as much meat, it improved his health. But Hitler then went back to eating meat. Hitler didn't "become a vegetarian". Hitler began eating meat again. He still ate pieces of meat. Veg was his doctors' idea, a medical team, not Hitler. And any doctor, or any person for that matter, who knew the cost of telling someone the wrong answer would be death, would be damn sure the answer he was giving was right. And the answer they gave to improve human health upon penalty of their family's own death, was the truth, going vegetarian would improve their health. And it did! But Hitler then immediately went back to eating pork, sausage, bacon, poultry, and swine.
So it was top medical science, not Hitler's politics or even his idea at all. And scientifically it worked. But Hitler only did it because of others, not himself, and only did it to get rid of his stomach illness, which it worked, and then Hitler went back to ranting and raving and killing people and animals. Hitler immediately reverted to eating meat. This is how the myth got started, and this is why there are mentions of vegetarian meals with reference to Hitler, but it was not Hitler's idea, he didn't choose it, he didn't follow it, he didn't force it as any lifestyle, he didn't want it, and all his life, even up till the end, Hitler ate meat.
QUOTE on the exposure that Hitler was not a vegetarian afterall, and that Hitler was an Omnivore: "This has adroitly demolished one of history's most enduring lies."-Publisher's Weekly after seeing proof that the Hitler was a vegetarian myth was exposed as debunked.