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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Our Only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ upon His Most Holy Cross, our salvation. His mother Mary at His feet.


In Biblical Greek it is Eucharistia. The English word is Eucharist. It is Holy Communion first of all. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ gave us this most sacred Communion for our salvation. All other thanksgivings, if they are not related to that properly and worshipful of the true God are vain and wrongful.

When the Spanish and Portuguese Conquistadores came to the Americas they were in a long line of Eurasian incursions into this hemisphere. The earliest of which we have solid Historical Cultural Archeological and Anthropological record is the 1500 B.C. Mediterranean Cretan-Graeco-Egyptian Biblical Tyre and North African trading ships to Meso-America, modern day Mexico. All the pyramids and sphinxes and mummies and astrology in Central America are directly related to this. Anything before this is strictly theory pre-determined by the prejudices of the theorizers. American Indians in both North and South America practiced both slavery and human sacrifice from at least this time until the time of the Conquistadores, same as their Eurasian counterparts. These were twin evils of the ancient world and were world wide. They were directly the result of Satan’s envy of God and His Christ, the promised Messiah who would deliver all who believed in Him before and at and after His Incarnation and Sacrificial Life on earth. He will come again to resurrect all who believe in Him and are faithful to Him unto life eternal with Him forever.

The English and French and others followed close on the heels of the Spanish and Portuguese Conquistadores.

The Spanish Conquistadores were seen as deliverers by the Mesotec Indians of Mexico since they broke the slavery and human sacrifice of the Mesotecs by the Aztecs. The deliverance was short lived. The Conquistadores were equally slavers. The Catholic Missionaries were constantly in conflict with the carnal Conquistadores throughout the entire of North and South America since the Missions spread the Gospel among the Indians as opposed to the carnal gold seeking and slave trading Conquistadores and English and French and Dutch etc. In North America and the Caribbean it took the form of Black Gold (the African Slaves – bought directly initially from the Islamic gold and slave traders who had dominated Africa in this for several centuries before that time and still did until the final colonization by the Europeans in the centuries after that, it was a transition and not a revolution) and Molassses and Rum. African slaves to the Caribbean and from there the Caribbean Molasses to New England and the Caribbean Molasses in New England turned into Rum to be sold for yet more of the whole cycle of Black Gold and then Molasses and then Rum. The cotton trade developed out of all this cycle of exploitation and the gold and silver mining by Black African and American Indian slaves in Latin America. In South America the Cabalcos (Mestizos of African and Indian descent) became a large population, in especially Brazil. This colonial oppression was no better and no worse than the oppression under the Indians of each other, except the abominable human sacrifice was stopped. The Chac-mool or Jaguar god was an example of this. 
Chac-mool jaguar god of Aztecs
The living maiden was put atop the reclining grinning demon god on top of the Aztec Pyramids and then her living heart cut out and eaten by the Indian pagan priest and the remains of the woman thrown down to the waiting crowd who put it into the cook pot to be eaten along with a whole assortment of losing athletes from the games in courts of the sun and moon gods of the Aztecs and all the Mesotecs the Aztecs choose to capture for this purpose. Both bungi jumping and basketball are descended from these games. This all has been gone into in depth and displayed in exhibits by Mexican Anthropologists.

The Mexican Indians who were baptized rejected the abominations of the pagan Indian priesthood and protected and raised the children fathered by the Conquistadores by Indian women. Hence the name Mexican from Mixto or mixed. The Mexican people displayed a true Christian right to life ethic in this without hesitation.

Of all the nations in the world today, only India still has a huge number of slaves -  the Dalits.

The Jews were instrumental throughout all of the recent centuries in causing the evil blight of particularly Black Slavery on earth.

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