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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

Girl Murdered At Ramadan Breakfast

A Palestinian father from Tulkarem in the northern West Bank, ِAmal Yusef Al-Akhras of age 18, killed his defenseless daughter, Amal on last Sunday July 22 2012, the third day of the holy month of Ramadan and just four days after the results of her successful general school certificate examinations were announced last Thursday, July 19 2012. The deliberate murder heightens the inhuman way of dealing with women in Palestine, who are treated no better than herd animals and in the best circumstances women are often enough treated like minors and crooked rib even after they become adults and marry.
According to Palestinian sources, the criminal father stabbed a knife several times into the body of his daughter until she died. He did this after the family had the ritual Iftar meal of Ramadan. He left her bleeding and went to the street proud of his crime, holding the knife in his hand and his cloths were dripping wet with the blood of his daughter. The father then rode his car and went to the police headquarters to surrender.
The illiterate and ignorant father described as not having finished the primary study at school, but in the Palestinian patriarchal society, abetted by rotten Jordanian laws issued before 1967 which “president” Mahmoud Abbas rejects changing for unknown reasons, encourages the killing of women on the ground of “honor”, and give the parents, brothers and relatives the right to legally murder their female relatives. The Jordanian laws strongly discriminate between men and women, they are inhuman and a crime against all women and humanity.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had promised several times that he would change the shameless law protecting perpetrators of honor killings by the International Women’s Day of 2010.
“Honor killing” means, murder for suspicion, falling in love, refusing marriage, drinking café with colleagues, taking the head cover off outside home and behind the family, asking family for inheritance, being independent, being a victim of rape, sexual abuse or incest and etc.
In Palestine it is legal to kill women in order to protect the “honor” of the family. This and other Jordanian laws strongly discriminate between men and women, they are inhuman and a crime against all women.
In the West Bank and Gaza there are no laws that forbid women from being murdered or prosecute their murderers. The Egyptian laws that are implemented in Gaza and the Jordanian Laws implemented in the West Bank discriminate between men and women, and protect the murderers of women. “Honor” has become a justification for murdering women and protecting the murderers, as well keeping the power in the hands of the men who lead the society and impeding women from reaching power. This is a clear threat for all women who seek equality with men in their rights.
On Monday after the Al-Akhras murder, on July 23, 2012, the teenager Massoud Jamil Jaber of age 18, was found hanged in his room in the town of Tulkarem, in an obvious suicide. Another young man, Mahmoud Na’im Meshaal of age 26, was also found hanged in his room in Tulkarem on Saturday July 21 2012, also an obvious suicide. It is thought that the three deaths may be related as the two young men knew Amal, the victim of murder.
Sadly, the Palestinian media still covers up the crimes against women committed under the “honor” label”. They write in brief about them, without releasing further details. In this way, the media protect the criminals in the Palestinian authoritarian patriarchal society and abet the continuing of the shameful practice of “honor” murders in our society. All these crimes are banned from public discussion and publication. In all cases, these crimes are treated in a way that will cover up the perpetrators, protecting and helping them to continue perpetrating more crimes, and by punishing the victims (women, minors, girls) or killing them in so-called “honor” killings

Wafa, the Palestinian News Agency wrote four lines about the three crimes.

Alquds daily wrote: A Palestinian father from Tulkarem killed his daughter. He went to the street holding the knife in his hand. The girls arrived the hospital dead. The Police start investigating the issue.

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