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Friday, June 8, 2012

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

Palestinian Minister Rapes Child in Tel Aviv?

A Palestinian family from Ramallah recently demanded that President Mahmoud Abbas punish his so-called Civil Affairs Minister, Mr. Hussein Al-Sheikh, who they say raped their minor daughter. Minister Al-Sheikh bamboozled the girls’s family and convinced them to accompany him on a journey of recreation to the shores of Tel Aviv, where he raped the girl. The immoral behavior of the minister has caused the understandable resentment and anger of her family, which lives in conservative Palestinian society where girls and women are “punished” with death for even being looked at, what is called “honor killings”.
Minister, Rapist, Criminal. Psychopath?
Minister Al-Sheikh tried to bribe the victim’s family by paying US$ 65 thousand dollars in return for silence, but the family refused the money and insisted to go to President Abbas, who promised to punish the offender. The promise of the President Abbas did not get out from behind the closed doors of the meeting, and the rogue “Minister” Al-Sheikh is still in his position and enjoys impunity. After the incident with the girl, Al-Sheikh raped another woman, this time a married woman. Her husband filed a criminal complaint against the Minister, but the rapist Minister Al-Sheikh remains free.
Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad, who receives massive support from USA and EU, covers up these rapes and other horrors perpetrated by his Minister Al-Sheikh. Fayyad also covers up the corruption of his “Minister of Foreign Affairs”, Dr. Riyad Al-Maliki, who embezzled the whole budget of the Ministry for his own pocket and failed to fulfill any of the duties of his position as a minister. From the Cabinet of Fayyad wafts an especially rotten smell, not only because Fayyad is imposed by the US and CIA elements, but also because of widespread ans systemic corruption. It is otherwise not understandable why Fayyad protects the crimes of his Ministers, either it is corruption what unites them, or it is the diktat from the US which wants these criminals to stay in power, because in Palestine nobody wants them.

Minister Al-Sheikh was already known to have raped a number of beautiful Palestinian girls before these lat outrages. He uses his positions to lure young women and girls and then rape them with impunity. Among the girls whom he had raped earlier are several Christian girls. The position of “Minister of Civil Affairs” means that he is the Minister in charge of contact with the Israeli military administration in order to obtain VIP cards for the important figures (fat cats) of the Palestinian authority, travel permits for students, workers, sick people, marrying couples, burial permissions etc.
Everything in Palestine needs a permission issued by the Israeli occupation, and this position and ministry is in charge of going to the israelis to lick arse to get the permissions necessary for society to be able to function. Even President Abbas and his diplomatic staff need travel permits from the Israeli military administration whenever they want to travel abroad or move between the PNA cantons in the occupied territories. As said, the last victim of this Minister is a married woman from Ramallah. Her husband presented a criminal complaint to the Office of President Abbas, but Abbas, another kindred spirit of the israelis, is covering up the crimes of Al-Sheikh.
According to my knowledge Israel nominates the Palestinian Ministers who deal with their military officers, and not the Palestinian Authority. The PNA only offers up a list of names, from which their “security” system, Mossad, Shabak, military intelligence, choose the persons who they want. Al-Sheikh, the current Palestinian Minister of “Civil Affairs”, does not “deal” with an Israeli minister but sits in Beit-Il in the office of some IDF officer (or even a simple soldier) whenever he needs an ID or a travel permit for any Palestinian, and receives (or not) what he comes to ask for, plus orders.
Minister Al-Sheikh has built good relationship with the  Israelis since before being a minister because he is a native speaker of Hebrew. Another important factor why Minister al-Sheikh is in his position, is because the israelis, who know of his criminal inclinations, want him there exactly because of that – and this is a recurring theme which can be observed everywhere: the israelis only allow criminals and corrupt people anywhere near them – obviously a deep understanding amond kindred spirits.
In the occupied Palestinian territories, the old Jordanian and Egyptian laws which were issued before 1967 are still being implemented at courts of justice despite nobody wanting them and many efforts to replace them. These inhuman old laws protect rapists of women and minor girls discriminate between men and women. Under these laws, the girls who are subject to rape and are over the age of 15 have no rights, because these laws deal with them not as victims, but as if they had consented to the rape. These inhuman laws were introduced in the Middle East by the French many decades ago and later copied by the Jordanians, before 1967.
Beyond these disgusting laws, the Palestinian Authority and the political fat cats systematically cover up rape, incest and honor killings. A number of PA figures perpetrate such crimes as a pastime and assault women working at their offices. When anyone from the PA or political figures hear about such a problem of rape and sexual abuse, the criminals are not prosecuted. In addition to this, whenever the crime submitted to the court of justice, light sentences are issued against the offender in order to protect them from further prosecution.
Under this criminal regime, the Palestinian community is faced with an increase of “honor killing” of girls and women because of the increase of sexual crimes perpetrated by PA figures who know they remain impune. The PA ignores this issues and responds to it with increasingly brutal suppression against the nation, imposing its power and control by arresting not only the political opposition but anybody who dares to speak out about their crimes.
In more than one case of rape and honor killing, President Abbas and his ministers promised to change the family laws in Palestine to reflect the will of the people and implement justice and equality for women. Actually, he changed several laws which serve the military, his interest and power, but under the laws which concerns the Palestinian family, women are still the subhumans. The promises of Abbas have remained in place because he fears that changing the laws will negatively his ministers, officers, senior officials and employees in power who use the impunity in law and among their peers continue to rape women and harass girls and workers sexually.
The EU finances this disgusting state of affairs with at least EUR 300 Million annually, between direct cash gifts to the PA and moneys given to many people and organizations within who enjoy the rents of nepotism of the PA.
The information on which this is based article was originally published inPalestinian online media, among others Al-Mustaqbal newspaper.

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  1. It is become increasingly clear that the Palestinians are only pawns to be used by any number of interests. All the Jews who had any conscience at all in Occupied Palestine, whether Sabras (born there) or not, started leaving in the 1980's. The obvious solution is for all Palestinian people to simply leave and go anywhere else. In about six months to 4 years when the world looks back in at what Occupied Palestine looks like when there are only the Jews and PNA left there for that length of time, what we will probably find is only rubble to be cleared and bodies to be buried. Cancer always finally destroys itself. I am quite serious, in preaching to the multitudes about the destruction of Jerusalem, which He foretold, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ warned them to flee and not be there when the end came. The Christians listened and fled to Pella (East of the Jordan River) when Jerusalem fell and NONE of the Christians were harmed. The Perfidious and always bloody Jews where utterly destroyed by the Roman General Titus in 70 A.D. Jesus Christ speaking. Matthew 24:15 When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand. 16 Then they that are in Judea, let them flee to the mountains: 17 And he that is on the housetop, let him not come down to take any thing out of his house: 18 And he that is in the field, let him not go back to take his coat. 19 And woe to them that are with child, and that give suck in those days. 20 But pray that your flight be not in the winter, or on the sabbath. There will be right of full return when the ZioNazis are all gone. Let God deal with this plague of locusts. Right now the Palestinians are only human shields for the ZioNazis. Don't be used that way.