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Friday, August 19, 2011

Stop the Wall

August 19, 2011


Palestinian civil society calls for comprehensive military embargo on Israel
Jul 8, 2011--
  • Palestinian civil society calls for comprehensive military embargo on Israel
  • Youth movement activists deliver call and proof of military collusion with Israel to UN and consulates
  • Organizations representing millions around the globe as well as Nobel Peace Prize winners including Desmond Tutu express support for the Palestinian embargo call

Three Children Injured at Demonstration in al-Ma’asara Village
Aug 14, 2011-- Today, three children were injured during a demonstration in a village near Bethlehem. Israeli Occupation forces repressed the demonstration activity, which was part of the weekly resistance march against the Wall and settlements in the al-Ma'asara village. [MORE]

Scores of Activists Call for Boycott of Israeli Goods in Ramallah
Aug 14, 2011-- More than forty activists, at the invitation of the Palestinian, Grassroots, Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign with the participation of the Independent Youth Movement, sit at al-Manara Square in Ramallah after a field trip to local shops. At the shops, demonstrators called for the participation of the shop owners, traders, and citizens to boycott the goods of the occupation and settlement institutions. [MORE]

Popular Struggle Continues in First Week of Ramadan
Aug 13, 2011-- Ramadan began on the first day of August with Israeli violence in the West Bank. On the first holy Friday of the month, weekly village protests were held in addition even more demonstrations. Seemingly eclipsed in international media by protests in Israel against spending cuts, popular resistance against the Occupation has not paused, despite this holy month of fasting and internal reflection. [MORE]

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